Interactive Array along Curve

Interactive Array along Curve toolは、Rhinojewelの最新アップデート版で導入されました。
このツールは従来のArray along Curveコマンドの強化版で、クリエイティブなジュエリーデザイナーの為に開発されました。
The Interactive Array along Curve tool was added in a recent update of Rhinojewel. This is an enhanced version of the classic Rhino tool called Array along Curve. It has been developed bearing in mind the needs of creative jewelry designers, allowing more interactive control over the array thanks to a set of easy-to-use parametric sliders. With this tool you can array an object or gemstone along a curve and then visualize in real time how the result varies as you change the number and size of objects, the distance from the start/end of curve, or if you move the objects along the curve itself. When you are satisfied with a set of parameters you can apply them to more curves and then fine tune the adjustments.

カテゴリー: Rhinojewel   パーマリンク